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Installation Instructions for SPSS 11.0 for Macintosh

Terms of Use:   For use at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia only. You are permitted to use this program as long as you are associated with the University and have an office in Charlottesville where you work at least twice a week. When your employment is terminated or you leave the University, you MUST destroy all copies of the site-license version of SPSS for Windows and delete your license in the online research software database at http://web.virginia.edu/rescomp/

System Requirements | Installation Instructions | When Things Don't Work Out | Training | Manuals and Docs

System Requirements

The minimum hardware and software requirements for SPSS 11 for Mac OS X are:

The Statistics Coach and Tutorials require MS Internet Explorer 5 or later. You will also need the following information:

To obtain the serial number and code, visit and log into https://www.web.virginia.edu/rescomp/ldb/login.asp

Installation Instructions

Installing SPSS

You need Administrator privileges to run SPSS 11 for Mac OS X installer.

To install SPSS 11 for Mac OS X, insert the SPSS 11 CD, double-click on the installer icon and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

If your computer is equipped with a G4 processor, the installation program will automatically install the AltiVec-optimized set of libraries.


Easy Installation

If you select Easy Installation, the installer will install all the files you will need for running SPSS 11 for Mac OS X. This includes the application itself, Production Facility, Database Access Administrator, DataDirect ODBC drivers, sample data files, Help files, the Tutorial, and the Statistics Coach.

The only files that Easy installation does not install are the syntax reference manuals in electronic (PDF) form.

Custom Installation.

If you select Custom installation, the installer allows you to specify which components are installed.

Main application with sample data files and Database Access Administrator.

Sample data files include files used to create the examples that appear in the Brief Guide and Tutorials.

Help and Tutorial. Comprehensive on-line Help for all components and options, including tutorials, dialog help, and context sensitive help.

SPSS Production Facility provides the ability to run this software in an automated fashion. The program runs unattended and terminates after executing the last command. Production mode is useful if you often run the same set of time-consuming analyses, such as weekly reports.

The Statistics Coach is an interactive, wizard-like 'advisor' designed to help you choose the type of statistical analysis or display to use with your data. The Statistics Coach asks you a series of questions about the kind of data you have and what you want to do with it, showing you an illustrated example of each option. When you have decided what you want to do, you can open the appropriate dialog box from within the Statistical Coach itself.

Syntax Guides are included, providing comprehensive on-line instructions for using the command language. If you select this option, the installation program will install the Syntax Guides on your hard drive. If you choose not to install the Syntax Guides, you can still run them directly from the CD. The Syntax Guides require Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which is installed as part of Mac OS X.

DataDirect ODBC. DataDirect Connect ODBC is a comprehensive set of individual, database-specific drivers that use ODBC to deliver reliable connectivity to all major data stores, from relational databases to flat-file data.

Updating or Modifying Your Installation

To add a component or an SPSS option (Categories, Conjoint, Tables, etc.), run the installation program from your CD-ROM. Select any new components or options that you want to include. Make sure that every option you want to include is selected, including any previously installed components. If you are adding an SPSS option, you may need to enter your new license code, although it will not be necessary to enter your old license number(s) again.

If your license for SPSS Base or an SPSS option has expired you should run License Renew utility from your SPSS CD and enter the new license(s). The utility does not install any add-on modules, so you will have to run installer if you have purchased a license for additional SPSS option.

An installation log is created in the root of the destination volume. You may use the log to remove the installed copy of SPSS 11 for Mac OS X.

Installing Database Drivers

The Database Wizard uses data sources to retrieve data from databases. You can read data from any database format for which you have an installed driver. A set of ODBC drivers for major data stores is installed together with SPSS 11 for Mac OS X. The document Getting Started with SPSS DAT describes other software used by SPSS to connect to data sources. If you want to retrieve data from databases in a network environment (local area or wide area network), contact your SPSS system administrator for information about how to configure your desktop computer with data sources. If there is no system administrator at your site, you can install and configure data sources yourself.


Important! After you finish the installation, please be sure to apply the patches. They are available on our ITCWeb SPSS Support Web page

When Things Don't Work
Users with problems using SPSS should first check the SPSS help page maintained by the ITC Research Computing Support group (www.itc.virginia.edu/research/spss). This page has numerous resources such as training tutorials, FAQs, and helpful links related to SPSS.

Under the terms of the Micro Software License Agreement that the University and Information Communication and Technology signed to acquire SPSS, as well as the End User License Agreement you signed to obtain a copy of the software, you shou ld direct all your questions concerning installation and use to a statistical computing consultant with Information Communication and Technology. The consultants are located at the ITC Research Computing Support Center in Wilson Hall 244 and can be contacted by telephone at 243-8800 or by electronic mail to Res-Consult@Virginia.edu.

You can also drop by the ITC Research Computing Support Center in Wilson Hall, Room 244 to discuss your problem or you can contact a consultant about setting up an appointment. For posted hours, please visit the ITC Research Computing Support group at http://www.itc.virginia.edu/research/center.html.

Before you contact us for assistance, please be sure you have thoroughly checked through these installation instructions. The majority of calls we receive concerning installation problems are due to missed steps or problems documented in these installation instructions.

When you contact us for assistance, please be prepared to tell the consultant the make and model of your computer, and the version of DOS, Windows, and SPSS you are running. Describe in detail what steps and commands you gave and messages you got when the problem arose.

Information Communication and Technology provides training for SPSS. For a schedule of classes, please visit the Courses page of the ITC Research Computing Support group www.itc.virginia.edu/research/spss. The notes from this course are available via the web on the ITC SPSS help page http://www.itc.virginia.edu/research/spss/training/.

Manuals and Docs
SPSS publishes several manuals on SPSS for Windows and Getting Started guides. Some of these manuals are available at the University Bookstore. Many of these manuals are also available for temporary loan from the ITC statistical computing consultants. The consultants are located at the ITC Research Computing Support Center in Wilson Hall 244 and can be contacted by telephone at 243-8800 or by electronic mail to res-consult@virginia.edu.Many SPSS publications are available directly from SPSS via their Publications website (www.spss.com/estore/softwaremenu/).

For faculty or staff who obtained the SPSS for Mac version 11.0 CD from Research Computing, extensive documentation is available on your CD. Among the documents are pdf files focused on particular algorithms and methods ranging from logistic regression to survival analysis. Additionally, an extensive syntax guide may be selected for inclusion as an installation option. [an error occurred while processing this directive]